Sunday, February 28, 2016

Memories Are Made Of These.

Memories oh sweet memories.more precious than silver and gold,all the tea in China and gold in Ft.Knox.
We all have dreams as a child.If you are one that had a dream come true well you are one of the blessed.
I had so many,mine kept changing.I guess that is why I chased one dream after the other.
I had a wonderful childhood.Growing up in a small Southern town and a close knit community where every one knew each other.I had the best of friends.Ellen Aldridge was my best friend.Next door neighbors were the Andrews brothers,four cute guy's.Travis"Baby"was my first love.Well puppy love as they say.It so happened Ellen had a crush on Baby too,now that is another nick name is Tootie.In the south we have nick names,Ellen was sister.Her sister Annette was a friend but we thought she was to young to hang with us.
My dad died when I was eleven and on my friend Ellen's birthday.I came a long eight and ten years after my sister Monzell and Marie.We lived with my Granny Hart and Aunt Lizzie B. after my dad's death. Lizzie B. was like my second mother.
I  will close for now and pick up tomorrow where I have left off if the good Lord is willing.Every one have a bless night,sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite.

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